Wine Programs


Bar Cava Wine program

Each wine has a story to tell, rich with the history of the soil and culture where they came from. 

We’d love to share these stories with you. 

We’d love to share the love and passion for our wines with you. 

You’ll never find a pretentious attitude toward any of our wines. A strong curiosity for our craft drives us to always be learning. And while our wine offerings are influenced by Spanish wines, we still have something for everyone, like wines from the South of France, Washington State, and Old World Portugal. 

If you love big California Cabs, talk to our staff and Owner Corey Katz about his CK's CA Reserve menu! We look forward to guiding you through this radical world of wine. 


CK's California Reserve Menu:

Wines selected by Bar Cava Owner, Corey Katz. 

Corey’s passion for California Red wines breathes life into this menu. Here you’ll find some real treasures from the greater Napa Valley. He has hand picked phenomenal wines for you to enjoy by the glass. 


Wine Classes

Wine classes start at the beginning of summer. More information will be posted once we are closer. Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when the doors open!