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Corey Katz & Pat Katz


Just ask Corey, he’ll tell you all about how Bar Cava was born. “It’s a Family Business.” They say tragedy can give beauty to new life. After his brother Jason passed away, Corey decided he would create a family business that remembered his brother and brought our family even closer.

Inspired by a passion for people, food, and most importantly, wine, Corey and his mother Pat Katz put their hearts into creating a space where people would join in a family like atmosphere, feeling perfectly at home while trying some of the most impressive wines from around the world, with authentic home-cooked bites to compliment. 

Bar Cava is a celebration of what brings us together, life: sharing new and exciting experiences in a laid-back atmosphere. Corey’s love for Napa Valley and fresh creative food. played a major role in inspiring Bar Cava on a daily basis. You can find him either at His new restaurant.Two Jay's Pizza By The Slice, which is just a few doors down from Bar Cava, or at Bar Cava sharing his big reds with guests, playing DJ on the speakers, or whipping up new dessert creations. Corey and his mother both love to chat, so next time you’re in please say hello! 




We are family