Let us take you on a journey...


Bar Cava transforms the stuffy, intimidating traditional wine bar into a place where you can relax to good music, enjoy inspired food from our chef, and explode your senses, with new and exciting wine options. 

Owner Corey Katz who is a home Chef, has a love of phenomenal wine, & a Restaurateur, brings his love for food, wine, & people to the public. Which is why when you come for a visit, you’ll feel like you’re one of us, hugs & handshakes included. 

Corey and his Sommelier, scour the globe for the best wines to serve you, wines that are guaranteed to enliven your senses, push your palate to new heights of flavor, and wrap you in the familiar comfort that a truly great glass of wine can provide. 

You can get wine anywhere, but you’ll come back for the service. That’s because our hospitality is genuine. Corey, and the bartenders at Bar Cava are friendly, passionate, and enthusiastic, and that’s catching. We pride ourselves on our knowledge about our wines, and that keeps us learning. Then we get to share that knowledge on to you, so you grow to love and understand wine as much as we do. 
Whether you love the bold delicious wines of the Napa Valley, or want to sink into a glass of Spanish temptation, we’ve got you covered. 

Just because we want you to have a YouTube  worthy wine experience doesn’t mean you’re going to go broke. We pride ourselves on offering the best wines at all price points (because that $9 glass of wine might just be your perfect match). We’re excited to share our passion for wine with you!

Order wine with confidence and ease.

Think of Bar Cava as your home away from home, where you sit around the dining room table, sharing friendship and food, and sip a surprisingly unique vintage. We want to get to know you, so we can take the time to find exactly which beer, wine, or craft soda will fit your taste buds. 


Honest Food

If you are inspired by the fresh and local foods by the Napa and Sonoma Valley's, or you are looking for that juicy pub burger, our creative and talented Chef/Owner creates seasonal monthly menus that promise to tantalize your taste buds. 

We use only the highest quality ingredients and we locally source our produce whenever possible. We know how important it is to prepare food with care and attention, and we know you can taste the difference. We promise to cook for you like we’re cooking for our family.
* Menu may change daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally as we explore new ingredients and flavors.

You can get good food and wine anywhere, but people come back for service. We want to give the utmost hospitality that’s genuine. The entire staff at Bar Cava are at your service! You’re going to get handshakes and you’re going to get hugs. We want you to feel as if you’re visiting your grandmother's house. We do not waver from the quality and knowledge of our wines and food as well as providing the most important aspects: hospitality! 

Education of our wine and food is also a top priority: feel free to ask questions. 

How are we different?

Unique, farmer grown wines that are organic and you can’t get them anywhere else. All wines by the glass are made by the farmers that grow them. The intimate knowledge of the soil and the grapes have been in the families for hundreds of years.



Looking to have life-changing wines available to you for pick up?



Want to be able to use words like frizzante, rémuage, and carbonic maceration in casual conversation?


* Menu may change daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally as we explore new ingredients and flavors.

 We are a family business in the United States of America